Monday, April 9, 2012

April 2, 2012

So this is going to be a pretty short, scatter-brained email but I have lots of fun news! First of all, Elder Swenson and I have had such an awesome week! We have worked crazy hard and he is such an awesome companion, we get along so well and have found so many new investigators. In a super crazy turn of events, we were able to both baptize and confirm Joy's daughter Rachel this past Saturday in between sessions of conference! It was incredible, I was able to confirm her which was an awesome experience.
Conference was so awesome I loved every minute of it. Elder Swenson and I listened partially in Spanish and partially in English. I could understand the Spanish fine, it just took so much mental focus to catch every word that after a while it would start to put me to sleep, hahaha. But I loved Elder Christopherson's talk on Sunday, also Elder Packer's and Elder Bednar's on Sunday were excellent as well.
So Saturday morning I got a call from President McKee. He told me that I got my visa. I leave today, in just a few hours and fly to Dallas and then tomorrow I sign my permiso and fly straight to Tampico! Pretty crazy huh? So hopefully I get to talk to you a little on the phone while you guys are on your way to New York! My emotions were so mixed, I am so excited to get down to Mexico but I am so sad to leave so many awesome people that I have come to love so much. The members down here that I have worked with along with the investigators have all been so awesome and I love them all so much. But more than anything I know that now is the time when the Lord needs me in Mexico and I totally am ready to accept and embrace that.
But it was really awesome, last night we had my last lesson with Rojino and Christina.  They are reading, praying and progressing so well. We committed them to be baptized on the 21st of April! It was such an awesome way to end my time here!
I am so sorry that this is so short and scattered but I love you all so much. Fam, have a great time on the East Coast and tell everyone how much I love them.
Hasta Luego Los Estados Unidos, Voy a Mexico Manana!
I love you all so so much!
Elder Stockard

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