Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Eyy Yo:
Que pasaria si les escribiera in puro español? Nah jk not gonna do it. I've decided that English is a much better languague to write in. Much easier to flow and really express yourself in English. Haha but another week has gone pretty fast. I can't believe it's already been nine months since I left for the MTC. Time really does just keep cookin, huh? Sounds like everything is pretty much same old good life back at home. Yes I do remember very vividly the back to school cold season. How is the weather back in Fallon? Has it started to cool off yet or not much?  We got a couple cooler days up here one weekend and then it just cranked right back up to burning. From what everyone says here, Elder Hubbard's mish is the place to be for really nice weather all year round. It should start to cool off a little more now that were heading into October, but that's what I thought about September as well, haha. Best of luck to my Boy Costen Colburn! I'm so excited for him, he's going to have incredilbe experiences and he will be an awesome missionary. I hope he lives up every moment because it goes soooooooo fast.
So this week starts a new transfer! I can't believe Elder Garry and I have been together 6 weeks already! I also can't believe that I've been up here in Victoria for three months now.  I still feel like I just got here haha. I'm straight loving it though, not even gonna lie. These last few weeks have been like drop dead busy, to the point where we don't ever have enough time to accomplish everything that we wanna get done. But that's a really good spot to be in because if by chance we have a cita that falls, we've got plenty of back up plans and we don't end up just knocking doors. This last transfer really taught me a lot in organization as well, seeing as we have two wards, it's a pretty big area.  Planning appointments that are close together is super important because if you don't, you end up walking almost as much as you're teaching, so it's been a really good lesson in thinking things through and planning well. Another thing that I've really started to realize more and more, over the whole course of my misison but especially in the last few weeks, is truly the power and authority of our calling as full-time missionaries. This last week we saw experience after experience where we arrived in the exact moment that people needed us, asked some good questions, let them talk and share their problems, and then let the Spirit work through us to help and lift them. It's such an awesome feeling to know that you were where the Lord needed you to be, as his servant, at the exact moment he needed you to be there. It's something bold to say, but legitimately we are the only two people in our our area who are commissioned of Jesus Christ, with his authority, to prepare and help people recieve the ordinance of Salvation, aka Baptism. That's a huge huge task, and it is for that exact reason, for that exact purpose, that we as missionaries must be removed from the world. You couldn't live at home, with your family, friends, and facebook and do what we do in the way the Savior needs it to be done. You must be completely removed from all those things in order to truly honor the call that we have been given. It's a lot to ask but as we do that, the blessings and power that come from honoring that call are incredibly real and tangible. I have had experiences here that are incredible, that I couldn't have done if I hadn't been comissioned of Christ to do so. It's interesting: What makes missionary work hard, aka the separation from the world, is also what makes it possible.
So that's been the biggest thing I've learned this week. I'm so excited for this next change that is coming, I love working with Elder Garry, he is an incredible companion and I'm so happy I have another change with him. I know that the next six weeks are gonna fly by just as fast as the past ones did, and probably even faster. I'm really trying to live up every moment that I possibly can here in Victoria, it's seriously such a great place to serve, I wish you all could see the mountains here. They aren't quite as big as the Utah mountains, but they totally look like someone yanked em fresh out of the Land of Zarahemla. You guys should google earth Colonia Mainero calle 9 y canales in Victoria. It's our chapel, and then turn opposite of the chapel and you will see the super sick mountains that I wake up to every morning.
Well, Victoria is still the Promised Land, don't worry Momma I'm taking lots of pics. I can still say that I miss you all cuz I do, but I really don't think about it all that much. I can legitimatly say I'm to the point where I love the mission. When you work with faith, every day is an adventure. I can honestly say as well that I feel very confident that you guys are going to get me back much better than how you sent me off. Christ truly changes those that allow him to do so. I love you all so much. thanks so much for all your prayers and support. #143 #SpecialK #Jakeheaps
Elder Stockard

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