Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Yo so probably the greatest General Conference since King Benjamin himself threw down the laws of exaltation! That was such an awesome weekend. Every week I'm not sure how I'm going to top the week I just had, and every week,we do. It's so funny because it always happens in a different way as well. It's not like we just run it every day of every week the exact same way, it's always something new that happens: new challenges, new people, new lessons, new successes every week!
So we were able to have some super good success with getting people out to conference this week! Manuel, an investigator who let us into his house because a lightning bolt struck like 10 feet from us when we were talking to him outside (#ThankYouMotherNature did I tell you guys that story?) came to the priesthood session with us and had an awesome experience! The next day Sandra and her family (the ones who are the referrals from los Maldonados) were all set to come to the Sunday morning session and... they didn't come. Sandra is pregnant and her husband works out of the city, and Sunday morning when la Hermana Maldonado went to pick them up, Sandra told her she had been in a ton of pain all night, hadn't slept and wouldn't be able to go. Los Maldonados told me this as the Sunday morning session was starting, and then, lo and behold, President Monson pulls out this classic talk about following the promptings of the spirit. As he spoke on that, I had this idea the we should go with the Familia Maldonado between sessions and offer Sandra a blessing. It would help her feel better, and maybe she could even go to the afternoon session. So that's what we did, we canceled our food appointment, and headed over to see Sandra. When we got there, Sandra just looked tired. She has 4 kids and they are all pretty young. We explained what a priesthood blessing is and what purpose it serves, she accepted and we started. As I finished the blessing one of the most spiritual moments of my mission happened. Sandra just started bawling. Like uncontrollably crying. She said how she had never felt so good before in her entire life. She told us how she had felt so alone and like she just couldn't do it all on her own. She told us that she just felt so so so good. The Spirit was straight out of control in the room.  It was incredible. Sandra and her whole family will be baptized in these next couple weeks and they all came to conference. It's just a lesson that when we do what's right, and have a thought to help someone, we probably don't have to guess whether it's the spirit or not, we should just do it!  In the words of President Kimball,  DO IT! You can't risk waiting, you don't know what will happen, or worse, what won't happen if you don't go. The Lord trusts his worthy servants with such ideas and then he expects them to act and bless and bring salvation to those who need it and are ready to receive it. President Monson is the prime example of this. I loved his talk.
I had such a great conference and got so much out of it from the way I took notes this session. Elder Bednar gave a talk of how when we write down just what was said, it does nothing, we have our own version of the large plates. It serves us nothing. When we write down what the spirit tells us and what we feel, then we have our own small plates. Those help us and are revelation for us. That's what I did, the week before I thought of and wrote down questions that I wanted to find answers to during the conference and then listened specifically for those answers. I got a TON of answers. One question that I had was if President Monson is really the Prophet of God. Well, I got a crazy sure answer of that during Priesthood Sesh. There is no doubt in my small little mind that he is God's chosen servant who walks on the Earth today. No doubt, he is the senior Apostle, he is God's mouthpiece and special witness. He leads and guides the only true church on the face of the Earth. Sorry non members who read this, if your church doesn't have TRUE prophet and the priesthood, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are, you are robbing yourselves of the blessings that your loving Heavenly Father has waiting for you, one of which is salvation. If you aren't a member, become one. If you are inactive, get active because you're running out of time. There is not a doubt in my mind that God guides his children through Thomas Spencer Monson.
Well, that was pretty much my week. I read some letters dad sent me from Miles, holy smokes, that dude is a stud, way to go Elder Adams with the attitude of baptism. That dude is growing up and is gonna do miracles for the Lord in France and Belguim. Also, I absolutely loved all the packages I got and especially the banner. I wanna hear the story on that. Did you ask for all of those photos? That was so awesome thanks so much. Gma Dot as well and G ma and G Pa Andros thank you all so so much. I love you all. The Church is True.
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Elder Stockard

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