Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012


How are you guys? Man I miss you all so much. Its been another great week, and how could it not be? I mean my only worries are choosing the right and serving the Lord, pretty good gig I would say. I had an outline of things I wanted to say but I totally forgot it so this might be scatterbrained but I hope not.
How are things back at the good old casa? I hope all is well and I'm sure it is? How's being back at school for everyone? I hope you all are loving it. Lauren and Alyssa, this is going to have to count as a reply to you guys as well this week, so sorry! How is basketball going for Ryan? Sounds like he played well at Spring Creek.
This week has been really great for me. The days are very long at the MTC, we are jam packed all day every day, even P-day. Usually six hours of class a day, 2 hours of language study, a few of personal and companion study and then a few meal breaks. Not much time to sit around haha. It's great though, the MTC is seriously such a blessing and the devotionals here are unreal. Last night we had Russell M. Nelson who gave an awesome talk all about how we as missionaries in the Latter Days are fulfilling a promise made over 4000 years ago, the Abrahamic Covenant. Pretty cool huh? He is such an inspiring man. In the last 5 months between here and college I have seen 5 of the 15 quorum of the twelve and first presidency members. I am very blessed. Oh and Pops, guess who was on the stand right next to Elder Nelson? Your boy Elder Kevin Duncan! I wanted to go up and talk to them but they were outta there in a flash. Haha.
The Spanish is coming well, it's remarkable how much the Lord blesses his missionaries in language learning because we are moving at warp speed. Elder Parry and I have taught 5 different lessons to "investigators" completely in Spanish. Our Spanish is obviously very rough but we are working hard and improving every day. I love both of our Spanish teachers. Especially Hermano Finely, he is like 4 months off his mission and he's just always happy. He makes me excited to go and serve, seeing the amount of joy each one of these R.M. teachers has is just an undeniable testimony of what a blessing the gospel is not only in our own lives but in the lives of those who we teach. It is the only message on this earth that is truly life changing and life saving, and the more I learn about and grow within it, the more excited I become to have the chance to spread that joy to others. I am so blessed to have Elder Parry as a companion, we get along really well and we are both doing our best to focus on the work. The Lord truly has blessed me to be paired with him at this time, he is a true servant of the Lord and I'm so greatful for the opportunity I have to learn and to grow from him, along with the rest of my District and Zone members.
The MTC is awesome but it isn't always easy, Satan knows what a divine and important work this is and he excersices all his might in order to bring discouragement and disobedience into the MTC. The good thing is though, as we learn in Alma (not sure exactly what verse or chapter) when talking about Captian Moroni, Satan only has the power that we allow him, and that is a message that is very comforting and reassuring. I have been so blessed to have so many people show their love and support to me since I have been here. It means so much to me to have so many people that love and care about me. It truly lifts my spirit and inspires me everytime I read a letter or recieve a package from someone. Momma, you said people wanted package ideas, I would say I need a notebook, letter supplies (stamps and envelopes, already running low haha) and then just surprise me.  Elder Parry and I have both received quite a few packages and we love getting food, when we have a ton we just share it with the other members of our district.
Keep me updated on the sports world. I heard through the grapevine that Tebow had some OT magic verse the Steelers haha but I haven't heard much else. How's the Lake Show doing? And of course at the first sign a Jake Heaps news I better have a letter from all my college boyz and gurlz and Ryan. I love and miss you all so much.
College people, everytime I walk to class I get a good view of campus and think about you all. Know that I see the same mountains and sky as you and that every hour on the hour I hear those same bells telling me all is well. I'm gonna be sending you a Top 10 things I miss about BYU list shortly so watch out and my 1st counselor in the Branch Presidency reminds me so much of Brother Hemingway its weird. But I've got Elder Hooper here now so he's taking good care of me. Its always great to see him.
Had, Miles, and all my other peeps: Miles- Can't wait to hear where you're going, Had- got your letter and got a reply for ya in the mail ;) other home friends I miss you all as well, thanks for all the love and support. Family: Gosh I miss you all so much, I know that the Lord will continue to bless you and know that all is well here in the MTC. G ma, Lisa and Brandon I love you all so much and love getting letters from you. Grams thanks for the package especially the jerky #Keepitcoming. Well that's all she wrote for this week. Much love #143, #GMC$, #SpecialK and of course #JAKEHEAPS.
Love you all, thanks for all the letters, prayers, and support.
Elder Stockard

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  1. What a great letter! Fun to read. He sounds like he's doing great.