Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

iHola mi Familia y amigos!
Ok before anything else is written, two things. First of all, a major shout out and congrats to one of my best friends and my brother Miles "The BiggHeadedAstronaut, Willard" Adams and being called to serve in the Paris France mission!!!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously so sick! I gotta letter in the mail for you big boi best, that will be so dope. Second of all, I have heard a rumor going around that the one and only #JakeHeaps has gotten a twitter. Ryan, please get on my account and follow him for me and everyone else, if we are friends you will follow him on twitter and or create a twitter just to follow him. It is only respectful to the Golden Boy.
So what is up? How is everything back home? I can't even begin to explain how much I miss you guys! It is seriously so awesome to be here but having the greatest group of family and friends in the world makes me miss you all so much! We finally got some snow in P town, and Momma it sounds like Fallon got a little too. I will never forget my junior year with those two snow days. That was seriously so fun!
This week I had two significant things. The first thing is that this past Monday I was able to finish reading the Book of Mormon. I can't even tell you how great that was. On my mission so far I have developed such a love for the Book of Mormon. It truly has all the answers, and is without a doubt the true word of God. I love reading the final chapter and especially Moroni's promise. I encourage all of you to take his challange and when you finish the Book of Mormon, ask God for yourself, with faith if it is true of not. I promise you that you will recieve an answer that it is true. There is no doubt, no man could have written that book. Fam, I also have a challange for each of you. I want you all in the next week to read Ether chapter 12. Wow. It never hit me until last Sunday when I read it how much power and insight that chapter has. I have always loved verse 27, because a long time ago Uncle Brandon showed it to me and it has brought me strength, but please read the entire chapter and tell me what you think about it and what it teaches you. The second significant thing from this week is last Thursday, Elder Parry and I took the challenge given in The MTC handbook and issued to us by our teacher Hermano Finely and "SYL" or Speak Your Language. This entire week (minus planning session and companion study) we have spoken only Spanish and we will continue to do so for the rest of the MTC. We did pretty well, it definitely limited our communication somewhat and at times we had to resort to pointing or drawing pictures (swagg i know) but we learned SOOOOOO much this week! Our lessons have steadily improved as we have commited to speak Spanish. We aren't perfect but we are trying our best to speak very little English and we were so blessed this week for it. My speaking is getting better but my reading comprehension and abililty to understand what people are saying is really good (well not so much when natives speak but that's ok) .
To all my friends who have been or will be called to foreign missions, it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO important to Speak Your Language as much as possible, it is the only way to learn the language is my speaking it as much as possible. One thing that has really helped me is I have carried around a piece of paper and pen and when I dont know how to say something I write it down and then I ask one of our teachers. So that was great.
Also this past week I have had sometime to reflect on just how blessed I have been up to this point in my life. Its really almost unfair. I look at what an amazing life I have had; blessed with such a great group of family and friends, being born in a free country, with the gospel and I am just so thankful for it, but more than anything else, I want everyone to know how thankful I am for my mother. Mom, you ever since I can remember you have taught me and raised me right. Ever since I was that little blonde-haired smiling kid in the Peavine Mountain ward who just wanted to go up and bear his testimony every Fast Sunday (mostly for attention i think haha) you have been teaching me the principles of the gospel, reading to me from the scriptures, kneeling down in prayer with me, and you have been there every time I have needed you. I can't even begin to describe to you how grateful I am for that. I thank my Heavenly Father every night for blessing me with you. You are my number one supporter, no matter what. You always have been. Even when I was at college we talked almost every day and whenever I had a worry or concern I would call you and you would comfort me. I miss you so much but it brings me joy and solace to know that ever since I was born this has been one of the primary goals you have raised me to have. As I walk around the MTC I think of you often and of your smiling face. I try to reflect your love through myself. As I learn and prepare, I am able to focus and do so becasue of you. You have made me who I am today and as I share the gospel with those of the Tampico Area, they will really be hearing it through you because it is the love and the principles that have taught me that have made me. I am eternally indebted to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with you and I am eternally indebted to you for what you have done for me.
In short, Mom, I love you so much. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Dad, you're alright too. hahahahaha. No, Dad I will have to get to you another time becuse time's almost up but I love you so much as well, Lauren, Ryan, Alyssa and Extended family and Friends you as well. Thank you all so much for you letters, packages and above all, your prayers. I love and cherish each letter so much and I intend to keep every letter I recieve on my misison. I love you all so much. Know that all is well and I can't wait to hear from you.
Love, #143, #SpecialK and of course #JakeHeaps
Elder Stockard


  1. Ok Julie, I don't know about you, this letter certainly made me cry! What a sweet boy!


    1. It did make me cry, and I didn't cry at his farewell talk or at the MTC! He is a great son and I this letter is one I will always treasure.