Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 18, 2012

Well, from the pics you sent me, the Hawaii trip looks pretty sick wit it, not gonna lie! Lauren and Mom, I'm very sure that you guys have having an incredible time, enjoy your last day there today! The temple looks really really pretty, I'm really glad that you got to go up to it this time! That's awesome.
Wow, summer comes and times stay busy busy for the Stockard Fam it sounds like. Mom when you say your going to Napa with the Charter School does that mean with all the teachers, or the whole staff or students too?
As far as things down here in Madero, the work moves forward. It's a lot of fun, not gonna lie haha. One of the coolest parts of being here in Mexico is that its is soooo different than life in the US. One time this last week I was walking down a dirt road, Looked to my left and saw a little house that's also a store, to my right is an avocado and mango tree, in front of me are three stray dogs, and houses all made of cement and every street corner sells tacos. I looked at all this, thought to myself, How sick is this? Haha, it's so different, but it's so much fun to experience a different way of life.
As for investigators, this week was really successful. Fransisco and Jose's family is named the Familia Preza Rojas. There are four in total, Fransisco, Jose, Gloria (The Mom), and Elena (daughter, 25 or something). We taught the whole family twice this past week and also they attended an activity we did this last week at the Church where we watched The Testament. In both lessons with them, the spirit has been super super strong and they have just talked about what a great experience they had at Church and how much peace has been in their family because of what their learning. We committed them to baptism in the lesson we had with them last Saturday. We set a date with them for the 14th of July and we're confident that they will be baptized on that day. That was really exciting.
Yes Mom, there are many days where we contact in the heat of the day. Haha we try to avoid it and set teaching apointments at that time because its a very ineffective time to contact as well as very uncomfortable, but there are times when it's unavoidable haha. There isn't really an official ciesta here in Mexico and as missionaries we definately don't have one, haha but a lot of people get off of work at 4 and rest after work.
Our Zone Conference is the last one of all the Zones so we will be the last missionaries to say goodbye to the Calls. Our conference is tomorrow and then the Calls head out the 29th. President and Sister Jordan arrive the night of the 28th and take over the 29th so its a really quick change haha.
And so that you guys don't think that I forgot, Mom I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and that it is as comfortable as possible while on the overseas flight and on a school bus, haha. Dad, happy Father's Day. I love you so much and am so grateful and proud to call you my Dad.
That's about it for this week from Barrio Francia. I sent a letter to the Birds and G Ma today so hope they get it soon and also to the Bad Had. If it doesnt get to him before the MTC, Mom can you tell Loni to forward it to him?
I love you all so much. Thanks for all the love and prayers and support.
Elder Stockard

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