Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

Another week has flown by here in Madero! Lots of hard work, sweat, and Mexican food once again. Haha, but this week was really good. Time has really started to fly and I cannot believe that it is already June! It seriously seems like yesterday that I graduated, had Miles and Hadley's and my grad party, and all that good stuff! It was funny, we were walking to an appointment last week I just for a second thought about how much things can change in a year. Now I'm here in another country, speaking a different language and dedicating my time to missionary work.  Haha, a little different from grad parties and graduation.
This week Elder Castro and I have really worked hard with less actives, actives, and investigators alike to get every single kid age 14 to 18 who is willing, signed up for EFY. The session director for EFY here is in our ward, Hermano Robledo, and he's straight sick wit it. We found a new family through a reference from a member in the ward. Their name is la Familia Hernandez Boeta they have 3 kids that are EFY age but they haven't seemed super interested in the church as of yet. We went over there with both Hno y Hna Robledo one night this week and showed them a video with a bunch of EFY activities and such and then Hno Robledo straight went to work, haha. The man was like lightning in a bottle, he was sellin the program like a pro, but it was aweosme and all three of their kids really got excited about it and are signed up and ready to go.
Also, in the last few weeks we have been teaching our neighbors that live in the same block of houses as we do. In total there are 4 of the family members that are listening to us. There names are Carlos, Jessy, Teresa, and Aurelia. Carlos and Jessy are kids and Teresa is their aunt, Aurelia is the Grandma. Jessy and Teresa have been super interested and have been reading and praying which has been really good. We have committed them to be baptized the 23 of June, so that is really exciting! Merced and Yedid have hit a little bit of a wall. We have had a little trouble being in contact with them but were hoping to teach them tonight. One of the biggest challenge with investigators whether in the US or Mexico, or prob anywhere in the world is getting them to church for sure. Oh, one more note, I'm really hopíng my former comp BROTHER J Rindy is reading this because this will only be funny for you, but I finally taught Sergio that the phrase, "Nice to meet you!" is not an appropriate way to end every conversation in English, hahaha.
The pictures of Lauren's grad party and graduation were beautiful and it looks like it was a great time. The yard from what I could see looks super good! Ryan's doing me proud on that. Mom, major congrats on the Charter school job! Third grade will be very fun and you will do great, that will for sure keep you very busy this summer. Also that is so fun that G Pa flew in for graduation.
I have thought about Miles a lot this week, hoping that he's surviving, haha. Just remember everyone, the first three days in the MTC feel like an eternity, just keep pushing through and it will get better haha.
Something has pressed very heavily on my mind the last few days and I want every single member of the church who reads this to take this challenge. I had this thought one night as I was going to sleep and it really has hit me hard since then. The thought is this: Members of the church are the key to missionary work. Missionary work is SOOOOO much more effective when the members are actively involved. Also it is a lot of fun. I think back to the lessons with Travis and Stuart at our house and those were seriously so much fun. So this is the other thought I had, I don't know who, and I don't know where, but it is very clear to me that there is someone out there who is going to read my letter, that has a friend, family member or someone that is very ready to hear the messege of the gospel. Now I have no idea who this is, but there is someone and they need to be invited by a member to their home, to hear the missionaries and accept the message. So in order to make sure that we don't miss this very prepared person here is what I want, without exception, every one of you to do. Tonight, begin with a prayer to gain inspiration, then sit down with your family and make a list of the people who aren't members that come to mind. In the next week I want you to pray to know who from this list you need to invite into your home to hear the missionaries. Before next Monday, the spirit will tell you who it is that needs to hear. By next Monday I want you to have an appointment set with both the person or persons you have chosen and also with the missionaries. I promise you all that the blessings of missionary work are very real and not only reserved for full time missionaries. If you will do this, you will see blessings in all phases of you life.
I love you all so much. I want to hear the experiences that you have with this so hit my momma up and tell her what happened so she can tell me. All Is Well.
Elder Stockard

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