Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

Ok, first of all so sick to see the pic of Had, Miles, Ryan and Logan all together at the MTC drop off!!! Haha that is soooooo dope that they all got to see each other there. Haha. I'm glad that Ry got to go up to Utah with them, that sounds like a lot of fun. So you guys have had quite the week back at home! That's really awesome to hear. Leaving the Cyber Cafe last week after our email, I just couldn't help but feel two things: 1.How blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do and 2. Just how proud I am to have these same people in my life. I hear about both you and Dad and how well you guys are doing in your new jobs, Laur getting ready for the Y, Ry with B ball, and Lys with dance and I'm just so proud to be apart of the Stockard Fam.

Our week was really awesome as well. Although I'm not 100% sure, I'm almost positive that la famila Preza was baptized this last Saturday back in Francia, and also we had the chance to baptize Luis, the son of Hermana Alicia this last Saturday, so that's 5 awesome people that all took part in a valid baptism this past Saturday which I'm very happy about. To answer your question, yes Alicia and Luis and their fam have an awesome tandem of visiting teachers and also they have been very active in all the activities so far. This last Saturday they went to a huge stake family activity and really had a great time. They're awesome and progressing very well. Jessica works out of town and was a church this past week but once again, it was in the town where she works. We have a ton of other investigators that we're working with, not a huge amount that are progressing right now, but we stay busy trying to find new investigators every single day.
I probably can't email you the Questions of the Soul document that we did, but all we did was make like a bookmark with these on it and we use it in a ton of different ways. We use it when we contact people in the street, at their door, in lessons, in readings (lessons where the only thing we do is read/explain a chapter or part of the Book of Mormon) and tons of stuff. You can find them. There's a big list of them in Preach My Gospel Chapter 5. We've had some especially good experiences with it in our reading of the Book of Mormon with people this week. There is not a better way to invite the Spirit to testify that the BofM is true than by reading with your investigators from it.

Mom, I really liked what you told me about the Relief Society lesson in Midway. It's so true that a huge part about helping people to come unto Christ and be baptized is our people skills. Smiling is key. I've learned a lot about this and it's so true. We can't expect others to get excited about the gospel if we aren't willing to do so as well. I'm convinced that very soon "How to Win Friends and Influence People" will be a staple of the mission library haha jk.
This last week, and not really sure why, I've thought some in how blessed I am to have so many friends on missions right now with me. It really is a blessing that I had to have so many good friends growing up and also at college, and my 2 cousins and now those fools are all over the world sharing this message in tons of different languages. It really is such a blessing to have them as an example.
Mom, Ive been taking tons of pics, but today I forgot my camera cord haha. Sorry, don't worry, I'm still gorgeous haha jk... But like for real I am ;). I weighed myself today and I still weigh 168 pounds, crazy what the sun will do to you here. I love you all so much, I pray for you and I'm so blessed to know each of you. Thanks for all your love and support.
#143, #JakeHeaps #DYT(DoYoThang)
Elder Stockard

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