Wow, what a week it was for all you guys back home! That's a lot for one week for sure! It sounds like overall it was a lot of fun! Dad, major congrats on getting sworn in.  Judge Stockard. I'm so happy for you.  That's so dope that Logan and Sean Deaver came down for Had's farewell. I've still never met Sean Deaver but from what Had, Log, and Miles have told me, the man is straight sick wit it. I'm sure that made for a fun week.
Lauren, Happy birthday! Ryan, Happy Birthday today big dog. I can't believe its already been a year since all of us, Lalo, and Miles drove up to Tahoe to watch Ryan play ball. Mom, do you remember that? That seems like yesterday to me, haha.
I'm really glad all went well with Travis and his wisdom teeth, I'm super excited to hear where he gets called to. I'm still pullin for Benin with Pres Weed, but we will see for sure. More than anything I can't believe that Had enters the MTC this week. I don't know if he got my last letter I sent him yet, but it was like a 6 page ode to him and so I hope that someone will get that to him if he hasn't gotten it yet. Had, love you bro, you're going to do great.
This week was a really cool week. We've had some great progress with some investigators and found some really good new investigators. Hermana Alicia's son, Luis, is 13 and we will baptize him this Saturday. It is really awesome to see all of their family progressing because I guess last change when Alicia was baptized, neither of her kids wanted anything to do with the Church. Her daughter Lucia is 16 and will be baptized in the coming weeks but she is visiting her Dad in Veracruz right now. Its really great to see their family progressing. Seeing them and also the Familia Preza had made me remember a quote from Elder Packer in this last conference that I love. It says something to the effect of, The goal of all activity in the church is to see a family all gathered together in their home, safely protected under the sealing power of the priesthood, living their covenants and progressing together. Not exactly word for word, but it's true. Everything that we do in the church builds towards the sealing of families. Also, we have a super awesome investigator named Jessica who I talked about last week. Well we couldn't meet with her at all this week because she works out of town, but we've been in contact with the Elders in the city where she works and she went to church with them and she's been reading and praying and really progressing well. She will be baptized later this transfer as well!
Last change when I was in Francia with Elder Castro, we did something has really paid dividends across the whole mission. We took from Preach My Gospel an idea that has been awesome. Chapter 5 of PMG is all about the Book of Mormon. One section within it is titled, The Book of Mormon Answers the Questions of the Soul, and then there is a huge list of questions that so many people have, and the chapter within the Book of Mormon where we can find the answer. Elder Castro and I typed these questions out one P Day, added also the page numbers, and then made 100s of copies. The idea has really worked well and has spread across a huge part of the mission. All of zona Victoria is using it, Elder Castillo and I use it every day in contacting, and it really has helped us as missionaries show in a more personal way, the importance of the Book of Mormon. When we present the Book of Mormon as a tool that can help and bless these peoples lives, many more people are at least curious to read and find out if it really does have these answers. Once this happens, it's like giving the ball to Kobe with 6 seconds left: game over. The Book of Mormon is true. 100% of the time. It contains a promise, all that read and then ask in prayer, with faith, if it's true will know that it is. These questions of the soul are a way to really get people interested personally in the BofM and it has really helped to strengthen testimonies.
Last experience. Yesterday I was sitting in Barrio Victioria's Sacrament meeting, and the Spirit just washed over me like a wave. All I could think of was the parting words of President McKee when we left Nashville: "Remember that it's all true." I don't exactly know why, but at this very moment, in a tiny chapel in downtown Victoria Tamaulipas, it just really clicked. It's all true. This is the truth. Christ is at the head of this Church. He established it and He guides it. It's all true. Make no mistake, I love and miss you all so much, I think of you often, but there is nowhere else I would rather be right now than here in Mexico. I am learning and growing so much every single day, in ways that I never could have imagined. And more than anything, I know that I am involved in the work of the Savior and I love being apart of it.
Love you all.  Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. 143
Elder Stockard