Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Yo so crazy sick, kinda weird week this week here in Victoria! This was the last week of the Transfer and as a zone we had a super high goal of 53 baptisms here. Our Zone is 22 Elders and that goal was the highest the mission has ever had as a Zone! Our goal as a companionship was 4. Well, as a zone we ended with 50, and as a companionship we ended with 3! Jessica, who is a teacher in a small pueblo wasn't in town this weekend but her baptism is all planned and scheduled for this Saturday. We also have a part member family, la familia Villanueva, that will be all members in two Saturdays. All in all, Barrio Mainero is in super good shape going into the next change with 3 pretty solid baptismal dates for the first two weeks of the next Transfer which is exciting. But let me back it up for y'all a few days first.
So week 6 of the Transfer is like the week leading up to Christmas, but it happens every 6 weeks. You never know what's going to happen and President Call really liked keeping people on their toes so he never told anyone until the Sunday night before. But this Thursday, I got a call saying that I would be going to Tampico Friday morning for a training without my companion. So I went to Tampico, me and 3 other Elders from Victoria, had a bomb breakfast at the mission home, and had a training. Turns out that I'm going to be training again!!! I'm super stoked, my nuevo is going to probably be from South America, but tomorrow I head to Tampico and we will have a meeting, the 11 trainers and the 11 nuevos and I'll find out who is my new comp. I'm super stoked to be training again, I learned so much from doing so with Elder Castillo (who is going to Ciudad Mante). Also, I'll get to meet all the kids from Elder Faught's zone in the MTC which I'm super stoked for. I'll have some stories to tell them about Elder Faught haha. But it should be an awesome experience to train again. Mom, Elder Parry was serving in Victoria as well until yesterday so we would see each other pretty regularly at zone meetings and stuff.
Other than that, Mainero is pretty sweet, still incredibly hot, but pretty sick. I feel really good that we're going to be baptizing like it's hot this next transfer, I feel pretty good about the investigators we have and how they are progressing. Yesterday really built my testimony of the importance of attending church in the conversion process. La Familia Villanueva came to church, and later last night we went by and taught them. Both the parents just appeared almost physically different. They told us how great of an experience they had and how nice all the members were, how great the classes were, and how well the teachers explained everything. The spirit was super strong. Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power that feeling the Holy Ghost in rich abundance has to change the attitudes of those who are prepared to hear the gospel.
So right now I'm gearing up for another 8 hours and a crowded hot bus tomorrow from Victoria to Tampico and back. But all and all I'm super excited. I'm excited for this generation of new elders, they are gonna have some sick Elders for their trainers, there are some really good Elders who know how to baptize that are training.
Lauren, I'm so so so excited for you to go to BYU, it's going to be such an incredible experience for you. I loved every minute of it and made friends that I love to death (Even though I haven't heard from them since the MTC hahaha hashtagouch). Study hard, play even harder, and live it up on the weekends in Midway. You are going to love it so much. Log and Baylee are gonna love it too (Logan I hope is already loving it).
That's about it from South of the Border. I love you all so much and constantly feel and rely on the strength of all of you wonderful examples. I'm so blessed to know each of you and love you to death
Elder Stockard

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