Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

Que Onda! Man, from all the letters and everything it sounds like Midway is the place to be. I got a letter from Grandma the other day that says how great it is up there too! That place has just got it all. HAHA so funny to hear about Ryan's drivers test, well funny to everyone but him I bet. It reminds me so much of my boy Charlie Heck when he failed his drivers test for running a stop sign haha. That was a good story for sure.
Thanks for telling me about Scotty's letter he wrote me, I can't wait to read it! I love that dude to death and I'm so glad he's getting ready to go on a mish. He will be awesome as a missionary because he has always been so good at connecting with people and talking to people. He will be super dynamite in lessons which is like a huge skill as a missionary. How is it possible that Hadley already has a month in the mish? Haha I swear he entered the MTC yesterday and Miles too. Miles is like half way around the world now. I love that dad sends me their letters and #SpecialKs. #Respect #143GMC$.  It's so awesome to hear how they are all doing. I think a bunch of my college friends are in the MTC right now with Had but I'm not exactly sure. I'm for sure gonna be looking out for Elder Garry and Elder Ringer down here in Tampico. This week I met Elder Riley from Reno. He went to McQueen and we know a ton of the same people. Ask Lalo if he knows them because he knows a ton of the Otuafis.
This week was straight dope once again here in Victoria. We had two baptims, Christian, who has a ton of member friends and has been attending in a different ward for a long time. We have had a ton of member support in his lessons and we have been able to teach with and reactivate a friend of his named Brigido in our ward which has been awesome. Both of them are straight on fire right now and Christian's conversion process has been really awesome to be a part of. He has loved reading in the Book of Mormon and has grown so much. Also, the last daughter of Hermana Alicia was baptized this saturday, Lucia. Their family is one of my favorites. They have grown a ton. This Sunday was really awesome to watch Luis, Alicia's son that we baptized, as he passed the Sacrament for the first time. Lucia and Christian were confirmed. A bunch of menos activos, including a family of 7 whose son we are working to help prepare to serve a mission, were all in Church. A recent convert blessed the sacrament.
 As I watched all of this awesome progress unfold, I just couldn't help but feel incredibly grateful for all of the crazy ways we have been blessed in my time here in Mainero. This area is seriously awesome. Some wards aren't crazy supportive, but Mainero really is. We had almost 40 people at Lucia's baptism and they had a ton of food afterwards and everyone had a great time. We have a crazy sweet ward mission leader, Hermano Giovanny who is an awesome member, he supports us like crazy and teaches with us and works with us.  Now his nephew, who isn't a member, is living with them and we're going to teach him. Also, we live next door to the 1 counselor in the Stake Presidency and the Stake Geneology coordinator and they always take good care of us. They love giving us food when we get home in the nights. #TMS. Mainero is seriously like a dream area. We have worked crazy hard, had great support from the members and seen good results. Everything really does depend on obedience. It's not always easy, sometimes you've got to do it alone, but it's a simple principle that as we learn and apply it, we are more happy and qualify for more blessings. The Book of Mormon says countless times, "Keep the comandments and you will prosper in the land." This is truly a simple and true principle that I have learned in the misison. The reason is this: Like D&C 130:20-21 says, There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven on which all blessings are predicated. That law is obedience. As we obey, we qualify for blessings. This is something marvalously simple that is taught over and over throughout the entire BofM. Its a true principle. If we obey, we qualify for the spirit, if we qualify for the spirit we will baptize. It's a question Uncle Brandon posed to me in a letter when I was in Tennesse and that's my answer haha.
I love you all so much. We should have Jessica's baptism this Saturday and maybe one more. The Church is true, Mexico is the Promised Land (Just ask my boys Elder Johnston and Elder Hubbard) and I have the greatest group of family and friends on Earth. You guys mean the world to me and I hope I can make you all proud. #143 #JakeHeaps #DYT
Elder Stockard

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