Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 15, 2012

Hey Fam:
So, another transfer has come and gone. I can't believe that I have already been here in the offices for 6 weeks. The time just keeps speeding up, it's straight nuts! I can't believe Lauren is already done with her first semester up at school! I swear that like last P-day you guys were dropping her off at school and she was getting started! I'm really scared that I'm gonna blink and this next year is gonna be gone. That's the bummer about enjoying something:  when you enjoy it, it's over before you even know it, it happened that way with BYU, it happens almost every summer etc...
So, the Christmas season Mexico has been really fun so far. There are a lot of things that are very similar and some things that are also different. One difference is definitely the temperature. Although like 3 days this week it gone down into the 60s. Haha I found out this week how accustomed I am to the heat because I was seriously REALLY COLD, hahaha! That's what like 10 months a year of blistering heat does to your body, haha. But yeah, for Christmas people still have Christmas trees, some people do lights on their house but not as many, also I've heard that here in Mexico, Christmas Eve or Noche Buena is a bigger deal than Christmas day. Tamales is a real food of the season here at Christmas time. The hymns are all the same tune (well they should be, they don't always end up sounding the same, lolzz) but obviously, the words are different. I don't know, it's been way cool to see how another country celebrates Christmas. I have really enjoyed it so far.
Also, yes Momma, I got the package from you this week! Also I've gotten one from G Ma Dot and one from the Ladles and I have loved them all, thank you all so much.  I love you all! Momma, the stockings were off the chain and Elder Mesa was so so happy to get it. He wanted me to tell you thanks so much. I loved it as well and I will be really excited to continue hearing about your goals for service, testimony, and missionary work.
So this week President and Sister Jordan and Elder Mesa and I did Zone Conferences for the 5 zones that were here in Tampico and they all went really well. It was a cool experience to see all 9 Zone Conferences. Before, I would leave the one zone conference that I attended feeling like it was really good and then that was it. This time I got to see just how different every conference was every time. It was good to see what worked and what didn't and it was a good learning experience. Besides that, this week was a really good week for us in our area as well. Since my last letter, the Familia Cruz de Santiago has continued progressing and gotten even bigger. The family is from the City of San Luis Potosi. This week a daughter of the fam, Karen, got here and we are going to start teaching her soon, and also the fiance of their son Christian got here as well. Her named is Berenice and we started teaching her this week. I told President that every time a bus gets in from San Luis Potosi, our investigator pool is getting exponentially bigger, haha.  So that was cool. We pushed the baptismal date of Christian back a little while so he can progress a little more and also so that he can maybe get baptized the same day as his fiance if she progresses quickly. But Pascual and Ricarda, the parents both passed their baptismal interview last Saturday and were baptized yesterday!!!!! One of the greatest places to feel the spirit is at a baptismal service, that's something that I've learned over the course of my mission. The service was way good, we had a choir, a ton of support from the ward and the spirit was super strong. It is such a blessing to be able to see the change that takes place in people as they grab hold of the only thing in the whole world that has the power to change and to save people. I love that about the gospel in my life and in the lives of those that I love.
Besides that we have just been getting ready for the next change that starts on Monday. I will have a new Comp starting Monday as Elder Mesa has already been here a good little while. It's been cool to get to see how the transfers work as well. That has been really fun and another good experience.
Well, this letter is kinda short but that's about it from down south this week. I love you all so so much. Don't ever believe even for a minute that 1. You have learned all there is to know about the doctrine of Christ and it's power in our lives, 2. That repentance isn't an option, or 3. That all the churches in the world believe in God and they all teach us to be good and therefore they all lead to heaven. That's the biggest lie there is. The truth has been restored. We are so blessed to have it. If you don't have it, get it because you're running out of time. I'm so glad that all you who are my family and friends have been such a good influence on me and have taught me to love and to live the gospel of Christ the best that I can. I try to make you proud every day.  I love you all.
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Elder Stockard

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