Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb. 27, 2013

What's gooooooooooooood Family:
Hey, so I FINALLY feel like a good ol' everyday I-be-ballin' missionary again!!!!!!! It has been a good start out here in the promised land of Zona Chairel. Not gonna lie, I miss my office crew, especially my Comp Elder Salazar and my main man Elder Johns, but this change was definitely what I needed! It's funny, as we accept the will of God here in His work, we come to find out quickly that He in the one directing it and that he is putting us exactly where He needs us and when.
So I'm gonna just break it down for ya: My new comp's name is Elder Quinones, and he's a champ. He only has 10 weeks in the mission and only 3 here in Tancol (that's the name of our area). I am finishing his training, I'm actually his 3rd comp in 10 weeks and I'm going to finish up training him. He is way cool, he is from Durango, Coahila which is a state up in the northern part of Mexico (I love the culture and especially the food of northern Mexico, all my Mexican comps have been from the north) and he's 18 years old. He is realllllllly small which is also different haha, all my comps have been pretty big tall guys (see Elder Mesa, Elder Castillo, and Elder Garry for examples). But I really like him, he is a lot quieter than all of my other comps as well, which is a change of sorts, but what I like is that he doesn't have any problem getting out and working.  My boy Elder Agren has taught him well. But yeah, we are both really new in the area, so these first few days have been filled with a lot of walking and looking at a map trying to find out where we are. But we've got lots of good work to do here. We have two baptismal dates right now that look like pretty solid investigators to me, and the Obra de Salvacion is in full swing here in estaca chairel. This last Sunday, between 7 companionships of missionaries, we brought 91 menos activos to church!!!!!!!!!! The wards are growing really well here in estaca Chairel and we are really getting some good support especially from the stake level, which is what uniting the priesthood keys is all about. The stake president lives in our area which makes working with and coordinating with him nice. President Jordan and I have a meeting with him tonight.
Over the last few days I have been really tired and we have walked a lot, but over and over again I have been hearing one phrase in my head, I'm not sure if it's a thought that I had or a quote that I heard, but I really like it. The phrase is: "Happiness is not a circumstance or situation, it's a decision." Think about it... There are some people that by the standards of the world, have everything. They are rich, they have a nice car, great job, cute girlfriend, good friends or whatever it may be... But they still are not happy, they are focused on what they don't have, they don't enjoy the moment, or love, appreciate and thank God for what they have. And on the other hand, here in Mexico I have met people who live in houses made of cardboard, that only eat beans all day because they don't have money, and can hardly read because they didn't go to school... and they are soooo happy... Why is that? It's because truly, happiness is a decision. It's deciding to live the laws of God, to obey Him, to accept His will, to do His work, and then enjoy what He gives you. Sure, everyone will have change and trials and challenges, but there is no rule that says that such things must make us unhappy. We can and SHOULD be happy in all circumstances. We only have one life, why not get the most out of it by living the gospel, and then enjoy what comes, it's like what Elder Worthlin said, "Come what may and love it." I can't say that I'm perfect at this, but it's my goal, I have decided to be happy, no matter who I'm with, where I live, or what I'm doing. I have sworn to live by the laws and commandments of God, I know that I'll be blessed for it as I do so diligently, so I'm just gonna love doing it. I challenge everyone else to do so as well.
Hey Fam, if you could please tell Brandon, GMa, Lisa and all the many Androses that write me and send me packages that I seriously love their letters and support so so much. Also, my second comp from Tennessee, Austin Swensen wrote me, he is up at BYU I, if somehow you could contact him and give him my blog address and tell him I love him I would love that. Also Pops, you can tell Logan I'll give her shout outs every week as long as she writes me.  Well, I love you all so so much. Have a great week, yes Momma, we did go to the temple today as a zone and it was off the chain. I'll write y'all again on Monday, you can all write me on Sunday nights just like the good ol' days. #143 #GMC$ #JakeHeaps
Elder Stockard

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