Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov. 11, 2013

Hey Fam,
Man, you guys are the bosses.  Sounds like you all are doing so well.  I love hearing how conscious you all are about doing missionary work.  Remember, ask and ye shall receive, ESPECIALLY in missionary work.  I think we sometimes don't realize how willing God is to bless us with missionary experiences if we ASK and look for them.  Remember, this is HIS work so we know it's His will to give us missionary experiences, it's just up to us to ask and look for them.  Great job fam!  I've got the goal to never go to the Fallon 4th Ward again without inviting a nonmember friend to go with me and offering to pass by and pick them up.  How is it having the missionaries just in the 4th ward?  Do they come around asking for references and people to teach a lot more now or not really?  I am so curious about how missionary work is going back in the Reno mission.  It's such a fascinating thing to me, haha.  
Let me tell you all, I think this week was maybe the best week so far in my mission.  I know I've said that before.  The thing is that I feel like I'm really putting it all together right now as a missionary.  The Lord is really blessing me.  I have some really steep goals that I've set for myself and the Lord is really helping Elder Dominguez and myself to achieve them.  It's incredible to see the Lord's hand in this work.  David and our other family were in church this week and had spiritual experiences while in church and in their process to get there.  The adversary really tries and tests prepared people, but when they exercise their faith and make the decision to follow the Savior and keep His commandments when its hard, THAT is when they receive a living testimony of the truthfulness of this Church.  Let me tell you, as a missionary, one of the greatest feelings is seeing people successfully do just that.  There is nothing better.  Seeing people exercise their faith and repent, and make real changes in their lives is something that still amazes me.  David this week after church approached Elder Dominguez and I and asked us about the church's stand on a few commandments that we still hadn't even taught him.  He told us that, among other things, he had stopped smoking and drinking in the last 2 weeks... but we still hadn't even mentioned him the Word of Wisdom, how is that possible?  It's all about what 2 Nefi 32:5 teaches us; That the spirit will show us all things that we should do.  We didn't teach him the Word of Wisdom, but the spirit did.  The Spirit is what motivates all true seekers of the truth to make changes and continue progressing.  I have been so privileged to come to know so many of these seekers of the truth and they have surely had far more of an effect on my life than I have on theirs.  
I am so happy.  I continue to say that, but it's true. I love you all so much.  Have a great week and know that all is well.  
Elder Stockard

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