Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

What's poppin' children? Well, Momma, it was a very good week here in Tancol. It was a crazy extreme one weather wise. Saturday I got straight SUNBURNED! It was 43 degrees C which is like 110 F, which honestly I had really missed, haha. I'm a hot weather guy, not gonna lie. Then later on we had like hurricane level winds yesterday that had all the mangoes and avocados falling of the trees prematurely (I know what you are all probably thinking and don't worry, I didn't know that avocados grew on trees either, lolzzz). But yeah, it was a super good week. Yesterday we had barrio Tancol straight PACKED!! It was great, we probably had over 100 members there and we had our two investigators that have baptismal dates there and also 12 menos acitvos. It was a really good meeting. Also this week we have really gotten the whole zone really focused in on real growth. President Jordan and I are having really regular meetings with Presidente Flores, the Stake Pres of Estaca Chairel and in these meetings I am giving him list of all the male, Melchizedek priesthood holders, or potential holders, that each set of missionaries is working with. With this list, President Flores is making sure that all these men are having weekly interviews, assignments, callings, etc... We, as missionaries, are also really focusing in on teaching the "real growth principles" to these men such as tithing, sabbath day, the temple etc... We are really focused on making sure that all this huge growth that Estaca Chairel is seeing is converted into real growth and that all these less actives that are getting active again, that this time they are here to stay, complete with a temple recommend and paying all their tithing, and having a calling. The reason for the huge focus on Priesthood is that here in Mexico there is a HUGE difference in the number of active women and active men... I'm guessing it's probably that way in all parts of the world, but it's like ridiculously evident here. So we are really focusing our finding and reactivation efforts on male less actives that can become converted priesthood holders. It's going really well so far. This week we found and taught a former missionary named Ernesto and this Sunday he was there in church... He's a super cool guy and he loves the gospel, he just one time had a job where he had to work on Sundays and got out of the habit of going every week.. It was way cool to see him there though.
This week also will be the baptism of Omar! It's going to be this Wednesday and we are super STOKED! Omar and his family are wayyyyy cool. His mom, Lucero has been less active for years, but she has come to church with Omar and his little sister Grecia every Sunday. She should be ready to have a calling really soon as well. Omar is awesome though. He is a really smart kid. He plays guitar which is also super cool. We have a super dope fellowshipper for him as well. Hermano Edgar, he's the Young Men's Pres and the fool brings the swagger. He is one of those dudes who color coordinates from head to toe. From shoes, to shirt to glasses to everything, the man has swagga out the building. But yeah anyway, him and Omar have really buddied up, which is awesome, Edgar is going to baptize him on Wednesday. Oh yeah, another cool note, la Familia Preza that we baptized in Francia, are all taking the Temple Prep class in preparation for their July 14th sealing date which makes me soooooooooooo happy, I can't even explain it!
This week we saw a few cool miracles, one of which came as part of our obedience. The wife of President Flores, Hna Sandra and us went to visit a reference that she had given us. We showed up and it was a lady who was there in her house alone. Well, that was a total bummer because we can't go into a house unless there is another man who is there with us. We weren't gonna break the rule, but it was also a total bummer because the familia Flores are SUPER busy and it's not every day that Hna Sandra can come with us. As we stood on the porch trying to figure something out, the second counselor in the bishopric and his wife walked past. They came up and said that they had gone walking when they saw us. They agreed to stay and teach with us so that we could go into this lady's house and teach her! It's the Lords work, he puts the rules, and he never hangs us out to dry, or gives us rules that are too hard. I know that that is true.
Well, Elder QuiƱones and I are loving the good life here in Tancol. We reallllly get along well even though we are really different. He was a total gamer before the mish, he told me he played League of Legends and Call of Duty like 8 hours a day beforehand. But he is so dope, he is super funny and he is here to work so we just go out and try and make it rain everyday.
Thanks so much everyone for the emails, keep hittin' me up and spreadin' the word that they can email me. If I don't email someone back, I'm really sorry, it's due to time constraints.  Yeah, tell Lalo to hit me up as well.  I haven't heard from him in a minute.
Well, I love you all so much, keep doing yo thang and being righteous. #143 #GMC$ #JakeHeaps
Elder Stockard

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