Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Yo, so can it really be that the great Mitchell Leblanc is now home? That is so crazy, it blows my mind how fast two years went, I remember like it was yesterday the day that he left. Elder Leblanc, if you read this, congrats on serving and have a good time selling pest control. #GMC$. The scriptures talk an awful lot about the gathering of Israel but I'm also pretty sure that there are far lesser known, but equally important prophesies about the Gathering of GMC$ from the 4 corners of the Earth. Lolzzzzz, at least I can still make myself laugh.
No, it sounds like it's an exciting week for the Stockard family with the half marathon this week! That's going to be so awesome, have a great time with that! That is an incredible accomplishment to be able to run a half marathon! Let me know all about it and send me pics!
So this week has been excellent, things are really coming together nicely here in Tancol. The ward is really growing and the best part is how well all the new investigators and less actives are being received by the members. Yesterday was the best fast and testimony meeting that I have had on my mission. We had over 30 less actives in church between us and the other Tancol Elders, also we had 3 new investigators that came to church, two are friends and family members of Omar and Lucero who we just baptized back in March. The ward is really looking good to explode.  This week the Relief Society got their visiting teaching assignments all updated and organized, focused on less actives and new members, and the home teaching should be all organized next week. This will really be the thing that gets the ward to grow I think.  Something that I've really learned the importance of is Home and Visiting teachers, especially for less actives.
We had a couple of sweet experiences this week, one of which was a super sweet lesson with a less active family that is getting active again. We went with a former bishop to visit la familia Garcia Munoz and this bishop, el hermano Tellez and the fam just made a really good connection and we were able to really invite the spirit well and have a nice lesson with them. One of the daughters of this family, Adriana is now getting her papers all filled out to leave on a mission which is pretty sweet!
I received word this week that la Familia Preza has now finished their temple prep class and will be sealed on the 13th or 20th of July!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited to see them there at the temple, I can't believe how fast time has gone. I really can't describe the feelings I get when I think about or talk about these people that I have had the absolute privilege of teaching the gospel to and seeing them change and grow as they apply its teachings. There isn't a better feeling in the entire world... Maybe being with the fam in the temple or something, but the feeling is incredible, I know without a doubt that the Lord truly orchestrates this work.
One theme that I have learned and thought about time and time again in my mission is Grace. I read Moroni 10:32 a lot this week and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite scriptures. I also finished Matthew this week and I am loving reading the Bible, I can't believe that I had never read it b4!  I am so grateful that you as my parents taught me to love the scriptures! Thank you so much for that!
Have a great week this week!
Elder Stockard

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