Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

What up Familllyyyyy!
Yo what's poppin! This week has been really really good not gonna lie. It's nice to have my comp be another Zone Leader now as well, I am loving that. Elder Fernandez is great, we have both had some great ideas and we have been able to really brainstorm and come up with some good plans and ideas for the zone. He and I also had a really productive week in our area as well. Tancol is on the rise, people. We had 17 less actives in church, set some new baptismal dates, and found a couple of really good new investigators. Overall it was a really fun week.
First of all, Momma, I am so proud of you for your exercise goals and for completing them! Great job, that is so awesome, I am so happy for the whole fam training for this half marathon! That will be great! You have all motivated me and I have finally lost the gut I developed in Victoria and in the offices from all the tacos al pastor and tortas de la barda that I ate in that time, haha. I have been following your example and exersising every day as well! Ryan's job sounds awesome and I'm happy for him that he loves it so much.
This week Elder Fernandez and I put together our plan for the zone for June. We are focusing on a few different things: First off, we are focusing on teaching all the missionaries in the zone (myself included haha) the importance of the line of authority. This is one of the differences between serving in the US and in Mexico I think, here sometimes the wards fall into a bad habit of being used to the missionaries doing everything in the ward, preparing the sacrament, teaching gospel principles, giving talks very often, organinzing activities and almost literally directing the ward counsel meetings sometimes. The Obra de Salvacion has been great, but it's also kind of fed that perception a little bit I think, so this month we are really focusing and teaching the zone to work more with the ward within our realm and also using the ward mission leader, that way he can learn his responsibility as well and the work can progress at a more even pace, instead of being really good when the missionaries have success and really bad when they don't, does that make sense? So yeah, we are going to teach the line of authority this month and also we've set the goal that all the zone has weekly meetings with their ward mission leader as well. Haha before the mission I didn't even know that calling existed, who is the Fallon 4th ward mission leader? We are also putting an emphasis on praying better as a zone.  Preach my Gopsel says that prayer is something that requires real effort and that is sooooooo true, good prayers are not just kneel down for a minute and then done, it's something that takes work. We're going to look to get better in that area.
This week was interviews for our zone with President Jordan.  The inspiration that that man recieves never ceases to amaze me, I am so blessed to serve in this mission with him. This week I was also reflecting a lot on the plan of salvation and how incredibly perfect it is. It made me think about the Andros family and how that is EXACTLY how the plan of salvation is supposed to work: Two people who love each other make covenants with God, and then those people teach correct principles to their children and so on and so forth throughout time and eternity. 10 children all sealed in the temple to returned missionaries is an accomplishment and I'm so grateful to have been born as a part of that family. Thanks Gma and Gpa!
Well I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week and that we can all remember how incredibly blessed we are! Love you all!
Elder Stockard

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