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May 8, 2013

Yo, so how fast does the time fly!!! It's straight nuts, right?  Haha, so totally sorry that I forgot last Monday to tell you that I would be writing you all this Wednesday, totally my bad! We changed our P-Day in order to go to the temple today!!!!!!!!!!! It was so dope, so worth it every single time. I also got your package today with the two study guides from Brother Parker's class. Thanks so much, I have without a doubt the greatest family in the world.
It makes me so happy to hear the the missionary work is going so well back in the 4th ward. Being a missionary has made me really see just what an incredible difference that good supportive members can make in the lives of recent converts. It makes me really happy to hear all the missionary work that you are all doing! Great job.
So the temple was awesome today! I learn so much every single time that I go. I think I'm one of the few missionaries that has been to 4 temples on his mission. Provo, Nashville, Dallas, and Tampico. Pretty cool huh? Temples are some of the most gorgeous buildings on the face of the planet. Temples also are one of the greatest blessings of the restoration as well. It's such a privilege every time I get to go.
This week in Tancol was pretty solid. We have like between 7-10 less actives that either now have a calling or are in the process of receiving a calling just on our HALF of the ward. Tancol B, Elder Parry and Elder Hancock also have a bunch. The work is really going well with the reactivation. As far as with investigators, Paloma will be baptized next Saturday and we were also able to find a few new investigators this week that have some good potential. We will see how everything goes with them. You asked about Ernesto, Momma.  Ernesto served in Chiapas, Mexico like 8 years ago. He is sweet, he is actually now the 1st counselor in the Elder's Quorum presidency.
Thanks for sharing with me about your studies in the Book of Mormon. I love the Alma chapters on the sons of Mosiah. They are some of the most incredible missionaries this world has ever known and their efforts changed the course of the lives of generations of Lamanites. I was actually reading those chapters a few weeks ago and I learned something new that I would like to share with all of you. I hope it has the same effect on you as it had on me: So Mosiah chapter 24 is a famous chapter for the way that the Lord answers the prayers of the people of Alma who are put under bondage by the Lamanites led by the wicked priests of King Noah; but a few weeks ago, a verse caught my eye that I had never really noticed before. Its verse 4. It says that the Priests of King Noah began to teach the Lamanites in the Language of the Nephites. At first I didn't pay any attention to this verse, but at a second thought, it really took my attention. Think about it, this verse refers to a time between the year 145-121bc. Although there seems to be no real significance, this verse shows us something really important: The Lord prepares his people. The Lord was teaching the Lamanites the language of the Nephites 50ish years before a few powerful missionaries came to their children and grandchildren, teaching them the everlasting gospel also in the language of the Nephites. They brought scriptures also in the language of the Nephites. The Lord prepares his people to hear and accept the gospel in grand and mysterious ways, but he always does it and Mosiah 24:4 is evidence of this.
Well, I am doing great, I am really loving being a missionary, its an experience that has and is changing my life. Tampico, Mexico is exactly the mission that I need. I am so blessed to be here and I'm loving every minute. I wish I could say that I really miss you all, but I would be lying. I can say very honestly that I love you all though. I hope and trust that all is well. Have a great week everyone and I'll catch y'all next week.
Elder Stockard

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