Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

What's poppin' Familllllly:
Yo, so what is up with all the craziness in the Stockard household??? I am almost positive that two letters ago Ryan and Hadley were going to prom with Logan and Baylee and now Ry just went to prom again???? And I'm also pretty sure that last letter you all were telling me about Lauren starting college and the school year starting and now she has just finished her first year?? Fam, I am seriously amazed at how fast the time is flying, how well the work is going, how much I am growing, and at how many times I can eat Tacos al Pastor and they still taste good ;) Lolzz. No but for real, the time is straight blazing. Ryan, major congrats on the Golf Tourney and the ESPN contest. That is some major swagggga boi. Not gonna lie that is way dope. Laur... your a boss in the classroom, nuff said. Whatever guy you marry is going to be very lucky cuz if he ever loses his job, he can just let you go make billions.
This last week was our Leadership counsel, which until this past month was called the Zone Leaders counsel, but now has a changed name because it now includes sister Missionaries cuz our mission, just like every other mission in the world, is gearing up to receive a ton of sister missionaries. But it was a sweet meeting. Zone Leaders in our mission are expected to make a plan of action for their zone each month. My plan is one that I really put a lot of time, effort, organization, and planning into and it worked our really well. It maps out 3 weaknesses, 2 strengths, and 4 focus areas that I want us to have as a zone. We presented them in the Leadership counsel and also learned from President Jordan. I really hope that Dad can meet Pres one day because it never ceases to amaze me at how similar they are. The comparisons are endless and both are incredibly observant, intelligent people. But yeah, every chance to learn from Pres is a real treat as Miles would say. We actually had two chances to do so this last week cuz we had the Leadership counsel and then Zone Conference as well.
As for the work, things are going well. It is a huge adjustment for all missionary work in Mexico because so much of the success was based on contacting in the streets and knocking doors before the obra de salvacion and now all of our finding efforts are done through the active and less active members of the church. We are really seeing good progress in doing it... It's a matter of diligence.  You really have to ask in EVERY lesson and opportunity if you wanna get references. But we are doing it. The reactivation is going really well also. We have been reactivating a ton of priesthood, one really cool guy is named Ernesto. Ernesto is an former missionary who fell away a few years ago when he had to work on Sundays.  Now his work has changed, but he continued with the bad habit of not going to church. But Ernesto is the bomb, we showed up and really didn't even need to convince him to come to church, we just taught him, invited him, and he came. The Bishop has really been supporting our coordination efforts as well.  He has been constantly interviewing and paying attention to all of the less actives that we are working with. He interviewed Ernesto and Ernesto gave a talk yesterday in church, is going to receive a calling next week, and has been going to church for a month straight now. It really is cool to see how the Lord prepares people, members, non members, recent converts, whatever.  The Lord prepares people to accept or re-accept the gospel in all part of his vineyard. Paloma is going to be baptized next week so she will have her interview this week with Elder Parry.  Patricia didn't go this week, but every lesson with her has been off the CHAIN! The spirit has been crazy strong so I'm holding on to hope that we are going to get her to the water still!
I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't explain it, it is a priceless, wonderful gift. I'm so grateful for my family and group of friends who have helped me to live it and appreciate it all my life. I'm so grateful for this time that I have as a missionary. I am straight loving this time here in Tancol with Elder QuiƱones and Elder Parry in the same ward. It's like heaven on earth, not gonna lie. I hope Pres keeps us all together here in Tancol cuz its just raining blessings here. I love you all. Have an incredible week and know that all is better than well down here in Tampico. #143 #GMC$ #JakeHeaps
Elder Stockard

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