Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Dear Familee:
Yo, so I know it's the same for y'all, but I can't even comprehend how fast the weeks are going.  I know I say that pretty often, but that's cuz pretty often it's true.  How blessed we are to have the gospel as the life blood of our family and friends.  Mom, sounds like your talk went great and I'm sure that Dad's did as well.  I tell the story of Travis to investigators, missionaries and members down here alllllll the time.  He is the man.  
Anyway, this week was really good, it was a little more administrative because our zone is a little complex and week 1 of transfers is always a little crazy.  Our zone is the biggest of the 10 in the mission with 27 missionaries.  It is also the zone that is the most spread out, with those 27 missionaries spread out over 5 little towns within 3 states and 5 hours of each other by bus.  So yeah, transfers take some real coordination, wayyy more than in Tampico, hahaha, then on top of that we gave 2 trainings this week, Elder Gonzalez and I, to the whole zone which took some coordination to get everyone into Huejutla and back out in one piece, haha.  It was a really good week, the mission really helps develop you in sooo many different ways, it's crazy.  I often times wonder how it is that I am so happy and yet soooooo tired all the time, haha.  The answer is truly simple:  The gospel and the people.   It's just that simple.  The gospel because it's the lifeblood of this work and of our every second of our lives for these 2 years.  It is also the ultimate source of happiness on this earth and when immersed in it for such a long, consecutive period of time, it truly changes our very natures.  The other reason is the people, and this is very connected with the gospel.  Elder Perry gave a talk a while ago on how two people that share spiritual experiences together become bound together by love for each other due to those experiences.  That is exactly what happens as a missionary, those with whom we share these spiritual experiences, where the spirit is the teacher.  The spirit comes in, touches our hearts, and changes our very nature and desires.  Those people, whether they be investigators, less actives, active members, whatever, become our very motivation as missionaries.  They make it ALL worth it.  It's incredible.  
Also, Lisa wrote me an incredible email (maybe the highlight of my week Lisa!) this last week about how her kids participated in a no-TV activity.  I think that's a huge part of the change that comes to missionaries as well, we are soooo separated form the world... Things that my life used to revolve around such as pro sports, I haven't heard anything of that in almost 2 years, just being set apart from the world for so long has a real positive change on our lives as well.
Huejutla is going great.  We have one investigator named Jesus who is starting to progress real well who we are excited about.  Momma, These branches can't become a ward until there is a stake.  Where there is no stake organization, only branches can exist because there are no high priests except the mission president.  There can be a branch within a stake but there can be no ward within a district.
Well, I love you all so much.  Thanks for being my examples and a great part of my motivation to keep going even when its tough.  I love you all and hope you know that I am SOOOO happy.
Elder Stockard

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