Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

What up Famileeee!

So another blazing fast week has flown us by.  Momma and Dad, I am so happy to hear that all is well in the family and I also love hearing about all your awesome experiences and the ways that you all are thinking to do missionary work.  It makes me so happy and so proud of y'all.  Thank you both so much for living the gospel.

So I had a bunch of cool experiences this last week.  This area has been the busiest of my mission, we teach like 30 or more lessons every week and it is insane.  We have some great people, less active, recent converts and investigators who are all really progressing well.  This last week I learned a lot about how subtle the impressions of the spirit are.  Elder Gonzalez and I were just walking along to an appointment this week when we saw an active member who lives in our branch but in the part where there are other missionaries serving, not us.  She was outside of a friend's house just talking.  We said hi to her and asked her how she was, but being missionaries, we immediately turned our attention to her nonmember friend.  She told us her name is Yulma and that she had been to church before with her active friend who was there, La Hermana Lupita.  She said she went to a district conference like a year ago but never really got in touch with the missionaries.  We set an appointment to come back and teach her and invited Lupita to come as well.  Well, last Saturday we went back and taught her.  Turns out that when she went to church last year she had been going to another church, but now she's stopped going and it seems like she's pretty legit!!!  Lupita and her husband Pilar nailed it with us in the lesson, the spirit was super strong and yesterday Yulma, and her two daughters were at church with Lupita, Pilar and their family!  That is members and missionaries working together!  It was an incredible experience and I know that it was no coincidence that we passed by the exact moment that Lupita and Yulma were outside their house talking.  

It amazes me how subtle the spirit works in our lives.  That is the reason that living the commandments is so important because the spirit speaks gently to us.  If we aren't paying attention it passes right over our heads.  I'm so grateful that I've been able to learn about the workings of the spirit in my time as a missionary.
One other cool thing this last week,  I had the opportunity to reflect upon my progenitors this last week as I learn about the spirit of Elijah.  I found a DearElder you had sent me in the MTC, Momma, in response to my question about how many generations of missionaries had served in my fam.  The letter talked about Robert Baird who served in the Southern States in 1898, mainly in Tennessee.  How cool is that Momma?  Who would have ever known when you sent me that letter in January of 2012, that only a month later I would be serving as a missionary on the same ground as my great, great, great grandfather.  I know that that wasn't a coincidence either.  I'm so blessed to have the immediate and extended family that I do.  The Church is true, the gospel makes us happy.  Thank you all so much for LIVING it!  I love you all.  
Elder Stockard

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