Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

How is it that another week has flown right by us?  I'm so blessed to hear from y'all and it makes me so happy to know that all is well!  I love you all so so much.  Wow, so Momma, did they like totally remodel the Stake Center or something?  If they did I bet it's gonna be off the hook now.  That's dope.  
Dad wrote me last week about his plan for motivating Ryan and Lys to get to seminary on time and I've gotta say, it's brilliant.  Respect to your plan Dad.  Motivation is a wonderful thing and sounds like you've got the two of them really motivated.  What Ryan and Alyssa are learning is something that I've been learning a lot about in these last few weeks:  It's all about perspective!  Two different people can see the exact same problem, the exact same situation and one can be completely overwhelmed by it and the other can be unphased (I hope that's a word) by it.  Why?  It's all due to the perspective with which we see things.  The narrower our view of the world or a situation, the more extreme the problem seems.  The wider our scope of vision, the smaller and less significant the problems will seem.  Our Heavenly Father knows this, that's why he created and has taught us the Plan of Salvation, because it provides us with an eternal perspective.  It helps us to grasp that our afflictions will be no more than a small moment (dyc 121) and helps us to overcome them by knowing where we are going and where we came from.  That's why so many people who become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ say, "I still have problems, but they don't seem as big as they did before."  The gospel widens our perspective and helps us to see that our difficulties and problems are manageable.  Thinking about Ry and Alyssa, they might at first think that getting to seminary on time is absolutely impossible, but give them a little motivation and get them in the habit of doing it, and pretty soon it will become second nature to them... Now it won't even be an obstacle, rather just a part of their life.  Hope this comparison made sense, haha.
As for life in Huejutla, things are great.  The missionaries down here in this district have a role that is so very different then a missionary in a ward might have, just because some of these branches are still very small and new.  But I am loving it, I'm learning to love the people.  We put a baptismal date with Yulma and her husband Jose Luis and their kids for October 5th which was sweet... But then they didn't go to  church yesterday :( haha, but it's all good, we ain't trippin too hard yet.  They are progressing well.  This week we also had the leadership counsel in Tampico and I always love hearing from President and Sister Jordan, I love and respect both of them so very much.  Overall, life is incredible, the mission is the best experience I could have ever asked for.  I'm working hard to make the most out of everyday.  I love you all so much and thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  Have a great week and keep it real!  
Elder Stockard

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