Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 9, 2013

Ey Yoooooo,
Wow, so can you all get any cooler?  I was walking down this small little street here in Huejutla last night and it just hit me once again how grateful I am for 2 things: 1. To have been born a member of the Church and 2.  To have been born into the incredible family that I have.  What a blessing y'all are to me.  At different points throughout my mission your support has always meant sooo much for me in so many different ways.  Thank you for being the family that you were and are for me.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day for y'all.  

So, sounds like Stake Conference was bomb.  That's cool that they redid the Church building and thanks for the interesting facts about the creation of our stake Momma, I have really become fascinated by all things church organization related in my time here in the mish.  That's cool that it was the 500th stake created.  Now they are at over 3000 right?  The Lord is truly hastening His work.  That hastening is no more apparent than here in the Tampico mission.  This area of the Huasteca especially.  We are seeing miracles on all fronts daily here in this area of the vineyard.  Someday I would love for some family member to see this place, I have never seen any place else in my entire life that is so green and gorgeous.  The people here are a true example of humility as well.  

I have been studying the Book of Mormon highlighting all the scriptures that show or talk about humility in one color and all those that show or talk about pride in another and it's really opened my eyes to a few things.  It's also been really cool to have these Huastecos as examples of such humility as I've been studying it as well.  One really interesting things that I've been learning has to do with the Nephite Pride cycle that eventually destroyed them.  We learn in D&C 29 (I think) that unto God all things are spiritual and that he never gives us temporal laws.  We also learn in D&C 130 that all blessings are received for obedience to a law of God.  Its logical to think that spiritual laws bring spiritual blessings right?  I am convinced that what happened with the Nephites and what still happens many times today is that we obey the spiritual laws of God, who then starts to bless us, the side effects of which are many times worldly success and prosperity... But those temporal blessings are blessings that bring with them a test:  The test of whether or not we will remember the Lord our God when all is well.  If we pass that test, we receive the true, deeper, life changing blessings such as increased humility, patience, faith, Gifts of the Spirit and all in all we become more Christ like and show that we can be faithful over the little that we have.  I also see that journal writing and the Law of Tithing are commandments given to help us succeed in not falling to our temporal blessings/tests.  The gospel is really so interesting and has become so much more clear to me as a missionary.  
So this week was bomb.  Yulma couldn't go to church yesterday for work but her 3 kids went.  Her kids are 16, 12, and 7 and la Hermana Lupita has been helping us a ton!  They continue progressing along with lots of other great people and miralces.  All and All, life couldn't be better.  I love my comp, we get along great, I love this place, I love the mission.  I was thinking about it and I don't think I'm like ever sad as a missionary.  Stressed, or frustrated sometimes but sad like never.  The work of the Lord truly makes us happy.  I love you so much.  Have a great week and thanks for all the Support.  #JakeHEaps #GMC$  
Elder Stockard

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