Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Yo Family!
Eh, so it was a totally dope week this week and it sounds from my crew like it was pretty dope back in Fallon and in P-Town as well. Soooooooooo much respect that Elder Parry was kickin' it wit Special K and Big Hubbs and Lauren up in Midway!  That is so dope cuz he has heard soooooooo many stories about those 2 and now there they are all up in the promised land of Midway, Utah with Grandma Dot.  #Clutch.  That made me happy.  Respect to that group.  Also it made me happy to hear that the Got Money Crew is heading back down to SoCal for a few days.  That will be so fun for Kev and Ryan, they will kill it, there are lots of good memories down there.  Steal some fastpasses for me boyzz.  Hahaha.  
Momma, I cannot believe that y'all are already back in shcool!  The summer goes so fast!  Down here I think it's the first day of school as well cuz we've got a Jr. High in front of our house and it's packed today for the first time since I've been here.  
But this week was incredible not even gonna lie.  We had some great success in our area as well as in our zone.  In our area, Elder Gonzalez and I have out of the blue finally been able to help like 4 new less active families start to progress.  We also have 2 investigators that look to have solid baptismal dates for Septiembre.  One family that has really started to progress are two people named Narciso y Ramona.  Narciso y Ramona are your classic Huastecos, humble, nice, quiet, etc... They are probably about 55 years old and Narciso has really struggled to find work.  Two weeks ago we taught them on the law of tithing and they didn't really accept it that well.  We both felt really inspired to promise them that if they would kneel with us in prayer, promise the Lord that they would pay their tithing, and ask him for help in finding work, that He would help him to find work in that week.  It was a pretty specific and sweet promise, but even with that, he wasn't really feeling it.  So this last week we went again and taught them again on another subject but they continued to talk about their struggles without work.  At this point, I felt inspired to turn the subject back towards tithing seeing as that is what they seemed to need.  Elder Gonzalez and I told them, "Brother Narciso, we came last week and basically taught exactly what you need to do to find work.  You need to pay your tithing; now last week we made you a promise that if you would promise the Lord that you would pay your tithing and asked Him for His help in finding work, then He would bless you with work.  Now we want to make you that same promise, but this is the last time, if you say no once again, the Lord wants you to know that that promise will leave out the door with us."  It was a super strong spiritual moment when he finally decided to kneel in prayer with us and do as we had invited him to do.  Two days later we went back by to see because we had been praying like a wild child that God would help Narciso.  We knocked on the door and Ramona his wife came out smiling and said that Narciso wasn't home because he was out working!!!!!!!!!  She thanked us and assured us that they would pay their tithing this Sunday.  What a sweet experience it was!  I felt the spirit so strong in that lesson and I know that when we as missionaries promise blessings by the spirit, they Lord will make good on them.
The Zone is also going bonkers, as a zone we had 151 menos activos in church and a ton of investigators as well.  The work is reallllllly hastening here in la Huasteca and it's incredible to be a part of it.  I love you all so much and I'm so glad to hear that all is well.  Have a great week and know that I love you all.  #143
Elder Stockard

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