Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Yo, so don't trip Momma, I'm takin' lots of pics, I just don't send 'em cuz these Mexican internet cafes are pushing it sometimes to even send little emails, haha.  Don't wanna push my luck.  So Dad in his letter said something to me about how this is probably the most exciting time in the history of the world to be alive!  I totally agree and although I love y'all too much, I wouldn't wanna be anywhere other than Huejutla Hidalgo.  Things are really poppin' down here.  
So to answer your question on Panacaxtlan Momma, Panacaxtlan is a tiny little community like 20 minutes from Huejutla up in the hills.  There are probably like 300 people who like there and like 13 active members.  It had been off limits to visit except in organized activities with the district president till this week when Pres. gave Elder Gonzalez and I permission to open it up as we see fit according to the amount of work that there is there.  And so we did.  We just went out there once last week but we started visiting some less active part member families.  I feel as though there are baptisms to be had there.  We will see how things go.  
As for here in Huejutla I cant believe how fast things are progressing.  Two years ago President Call divided the branch here in Huejutla and made it into two.  Six months ago, 60 people attended la Rama 1 (where I'm at) and like 90 attended la Rama 2.  Yesterday we had over 100 in our branch and the other branch had over 150 people in attendance! There were over 20 investigators between the 2 branches and tons of less actives.  All of these branches here in la Huasteca are growing like a wild child.  It is incredible to see.  Elder Gonzalez and I have lots of work with less actives right now but we are still struggling to find investigators that are progressing.  That will be a definite focus in the coming weeks.  It is so different being a missionary in a branch than it is being a missionary in a ward!  Especially here where the Mission President is like a Stake President, the missionaries in some of these smaller branches play BIG roles.  Its a really good experience for these missionaries and I think it will really serve them going back to their home wards and already having experience in helping run a church unit.  
Elder Gonzalez is a really cool guy.  He is from Puebla, and he went to the church school of Benemerito de las Americas which is now the new MTC down here.  We get along really well and having fun.  I've been really blessed with a ton of excellent comps who are really blessed and changed my life.  I've been reflecting so much on the change that the mission has made on my life and it is unreal.  There are things that I have learned here that I couldn't have learned in any other circumstance or way.  I am so grateful Mom and Dad, that you always taught me and stressed the importance of serving a full time mission.  Mom and Dad, also thank you so much for teaching me the importance of obedience.  Brandon, you as well.  No other principle or law has resulted in more blessings that the law of obedience.  Thank you all.  Thank you, family in all, for being a family that didn't just attend church, rather you made the gospel of Jesus Christ a part of who you were and are.  You taught us to LIVE the gospel.  There is no greater blessing than that of knowing, since infancy, how to LIVE the gospel.  I am eternally indebted for that.  
I love you all so much.  Have a great week this week and know that I love you all!  The Gospel is true, it's ALL true.
Elder Stockard

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