Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013


Hey family, let me tell you, I am so blessed to have the family and the friends that I do. I have thought a lot about that this last week with my birthday; just how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do and even more so to know that you all will be my family and friends for time and all eternity. How wonderful it is to know about the plan of salvation.

This week was really good. Yeah so David, the investigator that we found last week is still seeming straight GOLD! I love teaching him because he is really smart and when he reads the scriptures he understands them well. He asks good questions and is interested which makes for the funnest lessons to teach. He is doing well and is progressing well. La Familia Del Angel is progressing well and we also found some really good new investigators this last week as well. I love working here in la Huasteca because there is never a moment without something to do. We are busy and finding more work day after day. Elder Domiguez and I are very happy needless to say.

Along with everyone else here in the mission, my thoughts and prayers have been with the Kunz Family this last week. Life really is something very precious that we often times take for granted. I didn't know Elder Kunz but I pray that his family can find peace and solace through the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.

One thing I have been so grateful for in my time as a missionary is the chance that I have had to learn the doctrine. The mission has taught me to study and has instilled in me a love and a thirst to learn that my first 12 grades of schooling didn't give me. There is nothing more interesting to me than the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can never reach the end of our learning process in the subject either. I have come to love the simple doctrines such as Faith, Hope, Repentance, and Humility; doctrines that aren't "deep doctrine," but rather are basic doctrines that as we learn on them and deepen our knowledge and understanding of them, our testimony strengthens, and we can understand them more clearly and see how they can be applied in everyday life. I love that about the gospel. I have come to understand the doctrine much better than ever before in my life. I hope that my love for learning is something that I can keep developing back at school and throughout my whole life.

Well, all is well. I love you all so much. Have a great week and be safe! #143


Elder Stockard

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