Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013


Hey people, man I love you all. I don't get tired of saying it: You people are the greatest. I love hearing your spiritual experiences, funny stories, and loving comments every Monday. Thank you all for being so supportive, that has been such a blessing as I have known many other Elders who don't have a family and friend base that is so supportive. I think yesterday was one of the greatest days of my entire mission. Everything just went so well. I am so excited for this next transfer, things are really looking up for E. Dominguez and I here in Huejutla as well as for the whole zone. Let me just say that I love being a missionary.

So this last week we had had a little trouble getting in contact with David due to his work and also due to the fact that the man lives LEJOS (Far)! Like he lives in like the last house in our area and its no small task to get out to his house. SO anyway, yeah, we hadn't seen the man for a long while due to his work schedule and the distance, but Saturday we had another appointment out in the same general direction. As we rode in the back of the old, run down, ice cream man style, 15 person van that serves as the most reliable form of public transportation, we came near to David's house. As we got closer, I started to feel that we should get out there and go and visit David even though we didn't have an appointment with him. As I thought this, initially I started to think that this was illogical; we had another appointment that we were late for, David probably wouldn't be there, we could always just come back later etc... But as I tried to push this thought out of my head, I continued to feel like we should go in my heart. So I told Elder Dominguez and we got off there to pass by David. We got there, called out to him, and sure enough... He was there! And he had been reading! The man is already in 2nd Nephi reading! And he went to church yesterday! And he is getting ready to be baptized! And if we hadn't passed by at that moment, he wouldn't have been there later cuz he was getting ready to leave at that moment. This taught, or retaught me a very important lesson: 1. The spirit speaks to our heart and to our mind (D&C 8 or 9 i think), when he speaks to our mind, usually it sounds logical the impression that we receive and therefore, we do it. I don't think that we recognize the majority of these impressions. 2. Occasionally, the spirit speaks more to our heart and it doesn't seem so logic to us... But if we follow the impression, these are like the big time spiritual experience promptings. This experience taught me to always live worthy and be obedient so that the spirit will speak to my heart and to my mind, and then always follow the heartfelt impressions. Great experience to cap off a great week.

I am loving Huejutla. I love our zone, I have been so privileged as a missionary to come to know so many awesome other missionaries that are such good examples to me. Our zone is killer and should be great this next transfer as well. have a great week and know that I love you all. I hope I can make you all proud. #143


Elder Stockard

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